1979 Lotus Esprit Submarine James Bond

Lotus made an improved model series of its car, the Lotus Esprit. These super cars were built in United Kingdom during the period 1976 to 2004. This was the first Italian design of Lotus, which became the same model of Esprit which was first shown to the public in the Turin Motor show last 1972, but only as a concept car. One of the first model of the Lotus Esprit was the S1 or the Series 1 Esprit. This car has a fiberglass body and embedded on it is a steel backbone chassis. The car is run by the powerful Lotus 907 4-cylinder engine.

One of the Esprit S1 trademark was its shovel style front air dam, Wolfrace alloy wheels, lack of body-side ducting, and its Fiat X1/9 tail lights. The Esprit S1 signature design of its interior is the one-piece instrument cluster with the green faces Veglia gauges. The car became more famous when it was shown in a James Bond movie entitled the Spy Who Loved Me. Lotus Esprit was shown in various scenes of car chases and also as a submarine, where the car was modified to dive underwater, and perform various stunts. In its submarine form, the Lotus Esprit submarine was capable of deploying smoke screens and depth charges. Makers of quality car models, Autoart, created a well crafted model of the Lotus Esprit Submarine model, which is perfect for every car collector.

Lotus Esprit submarine model features rotating fins, and is crafted with great resemblance to the original submarine/ car used in the movie. The model is scaled 1:18, and is made up of durable diecast metal, with some plastic on the other parts of the model. The wheels of this model is perfectly steerable, and it also has very detailed exterior and interior design. This model of the submarine is the perfect memorabilia for any James Bond fan. This is not only for small boys but they can be perfect toys for big boys as well. This will surely be a great piece for your submarine collection or for your James Bond memorabilia collection.

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