About Us

Our goal is to make the customer happy, customer satisfaction are two words with great value to us. We have put our best effort in designing the website submarinemodels.net and make it a really customer friendly site. You can see we have put an category navigation menu beneath the header for easy surfing. In the search bar you can search the site for keywords or things that you like and want to find.

How did we start?
In 2009 we came up with the plan to make specialty stores like hayneedle.com does. This is the first store of many to come.

We are affiliate for amazon.com, this means if you see something you like you get redirected to amazon.com so you can buy the item.

In the future we would like to build more sites like these and earn a little extra income. We believe that with hard work, good design and quality customer care we can achieve this.

For all questions you can email us: Contact Us
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