British HMS Triumph S93 Submarine Model

The HMS Triumph S93 is one of the Trafalgar class submarines of the British Royal Navy. This submarine class is an upgrade of the previous Swiftsure class submarines. This submarine was constructed by the Vickers Shipbuilding and Engineering Limited, a company which is involved in shipbuilding in England, and was launched last February of 1991. The HMS Triumph hold the record for the longest deployment of a submarine by traveling 41,000 miles underwater without surfacing.

The Trafalgar class new improvements are its new reactor core and the modern type 2020 sonar. The HMS Triumph also has stronger fins and has refractable hydro planes which are absent in its predecessor. This feature of the Trafalgar class submarines makes them capable of surfacing in areas with thick ice. The submarines hull is made up of the special anechoic tiles which has a characteristic of absorbing sound waves, which makes this submarine very difficult to be detected by SONAR. Model maker, the Cyber Bros., made a well crafted model of the HMS Triumph, which also includes the model of the HMS Newcastle Destroyer D87. This package belongs to the Orange Box range of models of the manufacturer. This are the first batch of model toys that Orange box is starting to offer.

The model package comes in a detailed plastic model kit, which includes 2 kits in one box (one for the boat, and one for the submarine), and is made easy to assemble with its detailed instruction manual. The model has a scale of 1:700, and has a dimension of 7 inches by 1.5 inch by 2 inches, and is weighing 7.2 ounces. The manufacturer of this model recommends this only for children 14 years of age and above. These ship models can be constructed as models that are standing separately or can be set as an impressive diorama.

The British HMS Triumph is a great addition to any model collection and together with the HMS Newcastle Destroyer model they become an invincible pair that most enthusiasts will agree upon.

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