British S28/S29 Vanguard Class SSBN Submarine Model

The British Royal Navy’s ballistic missile submarines (or the Ship Submersible Ballistic Nuclear – SSBN) are the Vanguard class submarines. The British S29 Vanguard class is armed with up to 16 Trident II Submarine-launched ballistic missiles or the SLBM’s. This submarine class was part of the United Kingdom’s Trident Nuclear Weapons Programme which was introduced last 1994. This submarine was built by the Vickers Shipbuilding and Engineering Limited between the period of 1986 and 1999.

The missile system of the Vanguard class was based on the lay-out used by the Ohio-class submarines of the Americans, but carried only few number of missiles because the American submarine were capable of carrying 24 missile warheads. The Vanguard submarines were designed specifically to carry the Trident D-5 missiles. They were one of the biggest in its class, and was out sized only by the Ohio-class submarines of the Americans, and the Typhoon-class submarines of the Russians. This submarine also has four (4) 21 inch torpedo tubes, which carries the Spearfish Heavyweight torpedo. These torpedoes have great range in which they can allow the Vanguard submarine to engage the enemy up to 65 kilometers away. The Vanguard class was designed with the latest pressurized water reactors or the PWR2. This was an upgrade on the reactors used in other submarine classes, and it is estimated that the Vanguard submarine has the capability to travel around the globe 40 times without the need to refuel.

Bronco Models have introduced the beautifully crafted plastic model of the S29 Vanguard submarine to the collectors, and submarine enthusiasts. They have created a model which is scaled 1:350, and can be placed in an elegantly designed spruce tree stand. Recommended age for this submarine model is from 10 years old and above, because the model package contains small parts that can be hazardous to small children when swallowed. Assembly and painting will be required, so an additional glue and colored paint will be needed for the completion of the model.

The British S29 submarine model is great addition to your collection of model ships and submarines since it symbolizes the pinnacle of naval engineering and naval warfare. Having one will truly set you as a high caliber hobbyist.

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