Chinese 33G Submarine Model

This Chinese submarine came from the Russian Romeo class submarines, and was later developed by the Chinese people in the Wuchang Shipyard and they added some modifications of their own. The Soviet’s diesel-electric submarine was patterned from the great U-boats of the German Navy. The first submarine class made by the Russians that were based on the German U-boats were the Zulu and Whiskey class submarines. Upgrading this submarine class resulted to the Romeo class. The Chinese have 84 type 33G (Romeo class) submarines in their Navy, but only 31 are now left for training use. Other countries were also recipients of some of the Romeo-class submarines of Russia, either by acquisition or by modification. Other operators of the Romeo class submarines are Bulgaria which operates one of the last of the Romeo class through importation from Russia; Syria which also imported these submarines from Russia but are now decommissioned; Egypt, that has five Romeo class submarines which were upgraded from the Chinese designs; Algeria, and Myanmar have their own Romeo class also.

One improvement that the Chinese made over the Russian Romeo class was reduction of the engine sound of up to 20 decibels making the type 33G quieter in traveling underwater. The sonar on board the submarine was also replaced with the Chinese Type 105 sonar and one of these submarines that is specially modified is capable of carrying six (6) YJ-1 long range missiles. The Trumpeter Models, makers of quality ship models, have created a well crafted submarine model of the Chinese 33G submarine.

The model package requires assembling skills, and the manufacturer’s recommended age for their models are from the 12 years old and above. The glue and paint for the completion of the submarine model are sold separately. The model kit has a scale of 1:144 and is 20 inches long, and comes with a display stand.

Even though the Chinese Model 33G Submarine models require a higher skill level than the usual model kits, they are still manageable by the average hobbyist. If you are into submarine and naval ship collections, this model is a must have for any enthusiast. It chronicles the progression of the Chinese Naval submarine models and the Russian Romeo class subs and how these subs came into existence.

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