German U-Boat 7C-9C Submarine Model

The term U-boat or the Unterseeboot is a term used by the Germans for their submarines used during the first and second World War. The U-boat was the perfect naval warfare vehicle during that time, but they were used mostly in a different role than it was designed for, they were utilized more towards economic warfare were they execute naval blockade against enemy shipping. The targets of this German U-boats were mostly merchant ships that transport supplies by the United States of America to Great Britain during the war.

The German U-boats became one of the most popular weapons of the 2nd World War because of the damage that it can do even to ships many times larger than its size. Although it was an effective war instrument it had technological drawbacks that were not addressed at that time. A limitation of the design of this submarine is that they spend more fuel when they travel underwater due to a higher consumption of electricity so they need to travel most of the time in the surface to use the cheap diesel fuel.

The Hasegawa company of Japan, makers of ships and car models, has created a detailed model of the German U-boat 7c-9c submarine. The first models made by the people of Hasegawa were mostly cars and ships made in their home town, but they later ventured into making models of vehicles made from other countries.

The model measures 4.25 inch, and is scaled 1:700. The body of the submarine model is made up of quality plastic. The package can be assembled in two (2) versions. The glue needed for the joining of the pieces of the model and the paint needed for its design, are not included in the package. You can find many distributors of this submarine model online, where they offer promos on shipping charges. The price range of the German U-boat 7c-9c submarine model are from $7 to $9. After purchasing on line, the processing time takes 2-3 days, and your package may arrive at least 1 week after the order was made.

Anyone who knows naval history understands the impact that the German U-boat had during the First and Second World War. A German U-boat model carries with it the distinction that this model is modeled after and is a great addition to any model collection.

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