German U-Boat U9 Submarine Model

The U-boat of the Germans was once the most feared battle machine during its time. The term submarine was not yet used during that time, that is why it was referred to as a boat or more exactly an underwater boat. The German U-boat was made for the Kaiserliche Marine during 1910, and 4 years after it was constructed, it already sunk three formidable British cruisers; the Aboukir, the Cressy and the Hogue. The captain of the U-boat during that time was Lieutenant Otto Weddigen, and he was given an award after that accomplishment. In order to save the British Navy from the shame of the defeat, the British government spread rumors that they were attacked by not one but many German U-boats (but the truth of matter is that only the U-boat of Lieutenant Otto Weddigen, plus a few German surface ships were present during that battle).

The German submarine U9 is about 46 meters long and 5 meters wide. The submarine can travel at a maximum speed of 17 knots when fully submerged and can cover a distance of 4,177 nautical miles if it travels at its 5 knots cruising speed. The submarines of this class are diesel and electric powered.

The company Schreiber-Bogen made an almost accurate model of the famous German U-boat. Schreiber-Bogen is a German company famous for creating accurate models of popular structures like the Statue of Liberty, Eiffel tower, and models of known cars and boats.

The dimension of the model is 17.7 inches by 2 inches by 5.1 inches, with a scale of 1:100 to the original submarine. This models is made from Germany and can be shipped to the US, and some selected areas outside the US, for a certain delivery charge. The recommended for age for this model subs is 14 years old and above and it has a very low skill level 1 requirement.

No submarine collection is complete without the German U-boat in it. The dreaded steel shark is one of the most iconic Naval vessel in history and the underhanded tactics utilized in submarine battles became a trademark for the way Nazi Germany fought against the rest of the civilized world.

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