German U-IX Submarine Model

The successor of the great German U boats, the type IX submarine class was made with numerous improvements. This class was made larger compared to the previous U-boats with the addition of fuel tanks for greater fuel capacity. It enabled them to travel greater distances than their predecessor. One characteristic of this submarine class is that it can travel great distances, some of them have even been recorded to travel almost 31,500 nautical miles.

The U-IX submarine class has a displacement of 1,178 tons, when submerged, a dimension of 252.6 feet by 22.6 feet by 15.5 feet, has 6 diesel engines and an electric motor engine. The main weapons of these submarines are its 4 torpedo tubes, which are 21 inch in diameter, plus an addition of 2 torpedo tubes at its stern. This submarine is capable of carrying a total of 22 torpedoes. Other weapons of this submarine are its 10.5 cm. gun located at its deck.

A well crafted model of the German U-IX Long Range submarine is produced by the company Bronco Models. The submarine models that they are producing are created with great accuracy and resemblance to the real life German submarine.

The U-IX Bronco submarine model has a 1:350 scale and requires assembly for the parts in the model package. The model is made with high quality plastic. The model package includes decals for two versions of the submarine, the U-40, and the U-37, and an assembly guide complete with illustrations. Additional purchase of glue and paint will be needed for the completion of the submarine model. The manufacturers’ recommended age for this model kit is from 10 years old and above. This model kit should always be kept away from small children because it contains small parts that can pose a choking hazard.

The German long range submarine is an ideal model for history buffs and model aficionados alike. The historical significance of the U-IX submarines are well established in naval literature and acquiring one for your collection would be a great addition.

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