German U-IXB Submarine Model

This German submarine was used during the Second World War, having initially been commissioned in 1938 by the German Navy. It was designed to be an improvement on the Type IX U-Boat, with this craft actually inspiring many of the features of the U-IXB. In total the Germans created 14 of these craft, of which all were destroyed before the War’s end. Only one – the U-123 – was ever used again, as it was rebuilt as the French submarine Blaison.

The German U-IXB submarine was heavily armed and made a formidable opponent, often needing multiple enemy ships to sink them. They had 22 torpedoes and six torpedo tubes, as well as a deck gun and aircraft guns. They also held up to 56 crew members, who were all needed to man the incredible amount of armaments!

All fans of naval history – especially during the period of the Second World War – will love the kit Bronco Models 1/350 German Long Range Submarine Type U-IXB kit, which is one of the best on the market. It combines fantastic details with an easy assembly that ensures that it is great for modelers of all abilities. It contains all of the pieces – including photo-etched parts – that are needed for completion.

Another great model kit for this type of submarine is made by Nichimo. At 1/200 scale it is bigger than the Bronco Models kit, but retains all of the detail and impressive quality, as well as coming at a great price! At skill level 2 it is also suitable for modelers of every ability.

The final model submarine available is the 1/700 U-Boat Type IXB U-124, Easy Model, which is made by MRC. This model is probably the best looking of all the models and comes with its own impressive display stand, so that it can be shown off to everyone who visits.

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