German U-IXC Submarine Model

The German U-IXC is an upgrade of its predecessor the IXB type submarines. One of its very special refinements is the increase in size of its fuel tanks, adding 43 tons of fuel capacity. This makes this submarine able to travel a distance of 13,400 miles at a cruising speed of 10 knots. Some of the IXC boats, the U-505 and the U-162 are the ones that are not suited for sea mine operations.

The main function of this submarines are as sea mine layers. They are capable of carrying 44 TMA sea mines, or 66 TMB sea mines. This German boats have a displacement of 1,540 tons, and has a speed of 7 knots when submerged, but can travel as fast as 18 knots when travelling in the surface. The company, Bronco Models, have produced one of the accurately designed model of the German U-IXC submarine. This company was founded last 2004 and has been creating quality military miniatures and accessories ever since. The products of this company are very accurate in its design from the actual vehicle up to the plastic model. The people of Bronco Models have been constantly researching on new methods on improving their models. The other products of Bronco Models are military miniatures and accessories, aircraft series, and the warship series. They have also different scales available for every model that they make.

The model created by Bronco Models has a scale of 1:350, and has a dimension of 8.64 inch by 0.76 inch by 1.05 inch. This plastic model has the decal marking of a German U-505 boat. The recommended age for this submarine model is for 12 years old and above. The price range of this model is from $16 to $20.

These toys for big boys can also be a great and unique bonding activity for you and your son. Not only will you both enjoy it but your son will also learn interesting facts and information about these which makes it more than just a fun hobby, so go ahead and grab your very own submarine model!

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