Japanese I-19 Submarine Model

The I-19 Japanese submarine was a craft used in the Second World War to devastating effect against the US Naval fleet. It was not only responsible for the sinking of the USS Wasp and USS O’Brien, but also for causing significant damage to the USS North Carolina in the Guadalcanal campaign. As well as being armed with a complement of 17 torpedoes, the I-19 often assisted the Japanese war effort by transporting men and arms where they were needed, earning it the nickname the “Tokyo Express”. It was sunk in 1943 by the USS Radford and now lies 90km west of Makin Island, along with all of its crew.

Fans of World War II military history can now buy this most destructive of crafts as a model kit, which is perfect for those relatives who are looking to buy a great present for their loved one. It is of great quality and will keep the avid enthusiast busy for weeks as they recreate it in all off its scaled down glory.

The kit consists of many pieces, all of which are of a high quality standard and essential for the overall look of the submarine. There are also high quality photo etched parts that come as standard, again adding to the realism of this product. All of the parts of the submarine – no matter how small – are represented in the kit, including the pressure hull. The kit also gives the option to show the submarine in either all its glory or in a waterline pose – by which it’s meant that the submarine looks as though it is surfacing and only the top can be seen.

In conclusion, this is a fantastic purchase for any adult fan, but is probably not suitable for younger children, as it is quite difficult to build and also contains some small parts.

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