Japanese I-361/171 Submarine Model

The Japanese I-361 class submarine or the “Gata Sensuikan” was an arsenal of the Imperial Japanese Navy during the World War II. The I-373 was an upgrade of the I-361 class, so most of the features of the earlier model of submarine can also be found on the later model. The other names of the Imperial Japanese Navy for their following boats are: I-361 – the Sen-yo, or the transport submarine, I-372 – Sen-yukai, or the modified transport submarine, and the I-373, or the Tei-gata kai, also another name for the modified type transport submarine. The need of the Imperial Japanese Navy to make a mode of safe transport during battle, for their great arsenal became imminent after the Battle of Midway. Their target was to transport a number of troops and vehicles to the area of the enemy which has superior air support, and try to destroy it.

Because it was intended for transport, the first submarines of the Imperial Japanese Navy were not equipped with torpedoes. But since the effectivity of submarines to pass the waters with out being detected (sonar during that time were not yet developed), they decided to put torpedoes in their submarines and make it as an attack submarine). The Hasegawa company, makers of car, ship models, have created a perfectly designed model of the Japanese I-361/171 submarine model. This company have concentrated their production in the Naval forces of the Japanese Navy during the 2nd world war.

The Hasegawa submarine model has a 1:700 scale, and the package comes with a spruce tree stand. The model package has small parts that is why it is intended only for childrens 10 years of age and up. Glue for connecting of the parts and paint for its color is needed for the completion of the model submarine.

A naval model collection will not be complete without the I-361 in your collection. It represented the advancements in submarine design within the Japanese Imperial Navy during the second World War and it has been instrumental in some historically significant events. Any enthusiast and hobbyist would surely want one of these in their collection!

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