Japanese I-58 Submarine Model

The I-58 Japanese submarine served during the latter part of World War II and was the craft that sank the USS Indianapolis on 30th July 1945. Before the end of the war, though, she was captured by the US Navy and scrapped shortly after. Throughout her short service life she carried onboard 25 torpedoes, as well as 6 Kaiten manned torpedoes, although the Indianapolis was sunk by the regular sort. It was active during the Japanese attack on Guam, as well as being involved in Operation Tan No. 2 and Operation Ten-Go. The wreck now lies near to the Gotu Islands, where it was left at the bottom of the ocean by US forces.

For those that love Japanese naval history – or indeed just naval history – there is now the chance to purchase a model kit of this famous and destructive submarine. The 1/350 scale model produced by AFV Club Models is a great quality piece of kit and will happily keep even the pickiest of modellers entertained for hours up on end.

One feature that collectors will love about this model is the choice of whether to have it as a waterline or full hull display – meaning that it can be created with only the top of the craft showing, simulating it being half-submerged. There are also many photo etched parts included, that are precise replicas of the real thing and will greatly improve the look and feel of the model. Also included are all of the pieces that will be needed – including a new tooling upper hull and a pressure hull – as well as excellent instructions to guide the modeller. Not included, however, are paints or glue – any serious modeller will have plenty of those to hand anyway!

This kit would be a great present for anyone who is a fan of these kits, as it is high quality and something different from the normal British, German or American submarines that can be bought. It is also great for the person buying, as it is not expensive at all!

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