JMSDF Oyashio Class Submarine Model

The Oyashio class submarines of the Japanese are diesel-electric powered submarines which are operated by the Japan Maritime Self Defense Force. This branch was formed after the disbandment of the Imperial Japanese Navy. This is became under the branch of the Japan Self Defense Force. There are 11 boats that are included in this class and the last boat of this class was commissioned last 2008. This submarine class was made larger compared to the Harushio class so that it can provide space for the flank sonar array. Its sonar systems were based on the American designed but were modified to suit the taste of the Japanese.

The Japanese trademark in the electronics expertise started to be incorporated in the Oyashio class submarines. Japanese designed radar and electronics were installed in this submarine. This submarine is 268 feet long, and carries 20 torpedoes called UGM-84C Harpoon missiles. The Oyashio class was very different from the older Japanese submarines because its outside design has the look similar to that of the British submarines. It also has fins that has more efficient hydrodynamic shape. Model maker, Easy Model, have made the most accurate submarine model of the Japanese Oyashio class. This model belongs to the Platinum Collection of Easy Model, which are very affordable, plastic made models of naval vessels.

The model is 4.5 inch long and 0.5 inch wide. The scale of the submarine model is 1:700, and the model has been assembled already, and painted and ready to be displayed. The recommended age of the manufacturer for the persons who can handle this model is from 14 years old and above. The model package comes in a very safe and sturdy box therefore making this model a perfect addition to your submarine model collection, so why don’t you grab one now?

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