JMSDF SS Harushio Submarine Model

The Harushio class submarines are part of the submarine fleet of the Japanese Maritime Self Defense Force. This submarine class is powered by diesel-electric engines. The design of this submarine class is an upgrade from the previous Yushio class, wherein the Harushio class is much larger in size and has a much quieter engine, but the appearance of the two submarines are almost similar to each other. After the Second World War though, none of the submarines from this class ever survived.

The name Harushio means spring tide in English. This submarine has a 2,750 tons displacement while it is submerged. The length of this submarine class is around 87 meters. This vessel is manned by 10 officers and 65 enlisted personnel. The sonar equipment of this submarine class are the Hughes/ Oki ZQQ 5B hull mounted sonar, and its radar is the JRC ZPS 6 I-band search radar. These submarines are armed with 6 torpedo tubes with 533 millimeters sized torpedoes. It is capable of 20 reloads of the following types of torpedoes: type 80 ASW torpedo, UGM-84 Harpoon and type 89 torpedo. This was one of the most expensive submarines of the Japanese, the construction cost during its time was almost 45 billion yen.

The Lindberg Models company, makers of quality models have created the well crafted submarine model of the Japanese C3 submarine. This company is based in the United States, and they have been making quality toy models for many years already. The submarine model has been made in high detail and has over 300 parts in its package. The model package includes a mother ship and a mini submarine. The model has a dimension of 58.5 inches by 6 inches by 8 inches, and needs assembling skills. This model has a scale of 1:72, and is one of the larger sized models of naval vessels.

Lindberg models are made out of high quality material and they are very detailed in their design, making their models lifelike in appearance. The JMSDF SS Harushio submarine model is no exception. As any model aficionado will attest to, having one of their models in your collection is a must.

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