Los Angeles Class Submarine Model

The Los Angeles class submarine is the core of the US submarine fleet, with 45 submarines currently deployed around the world of this type. There have also been 17 retired, making it one of the most popular US submarines ever built. It is a fast attack submarine and is nuclear powered, ensuring that it is a potent and deadly attacking force. It carries the deadly threat of Tomahawk missiles, as well as an array of other technologically advanced armaments, such as mines. First produced in 1976, it has seen action in many conflicts, including the multitude of problems experienced in the Middle East.

Aficionados of modern US military history can now purchase an array of different model kits with which they can recreate the glory of this superb nautical war machine to pin point accuracy. There are models to suit both everyone’s budget, as well as their skill level.

One of the best of these kits is the model manufactured by Hobby Boss – one of the world’s leading model makers. This model is to 1/700 scale and presents a challenge to beginners and an enjoyable easy project for experts, with the skill rating required being 2 (the highest being 25). It comes complete with all the parts needed to remake this fantastic nautical craft, except for the paints and glue. This ensures that there will be no scrambling around making your own pieces in a bid to create a perfect replica! Also included are great quality decal stickers as well as recessed panel lines and a fabulous display stand – nothing has been forgotten by Hobby Boss in this kit.

So, all enthusiasts will absolutely love this fantastic model, due to its popularity in the naval world today and also due to the great way in which it is made. There are three other models also available to buy on this site, all of which are equally as breath taking when complete.

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