Ohio Class Submarine Model

Ohio-class submarines are the US Navy submarines that are nuclear powered. They have 14 submarines that are carrying the Trident II SLBM’s and 4 submarines that carry Tomahawk Missiles with each submarine carrying 154 warheads. This class got its name after the lead submarine of the said submarine class, the USS Ohio, which was previously assigned as a SSBN-726. This submarine carries 14 Trident II missiles which composes one half of the total strategic warheads of the US Navy. The exact amount of missiles are not known because that information is classified. After the Cold War, there were plans to retire the Ohio-class submarines however they were converted to carrying conventionally armed guided missiles, which were assigned as SSGN.

When these submarines go on patrol, no target is set for every warhead, and any instructions for its deployment remains a secure information that is sent only through communication links with the submarine. This submarine class is the biggest in the submarine fleet of the US Navy, and are out-sized only by the Typhoon-class submarines of Russia, and their latest Borei-class submarines, which may be shorter by only 3 feet but has 25 % more displacement. An American company, the Toys and Models, has created a beautifully designed wood carved model of the great Ohio-class submarines. This company have been making quality toy models since 1982. The company was founded by Jan Halvorsen, a professional model maker and a designer.

The model made by Toys and Models of the great Ohio-class submarine was made from the finest selection of mahogany wood. It comes already assembled, and painted ready to be displayed for your viewing pleasure. The dimension of the model is 28 inch by 2.8 inches by 7 inches, and the total model package weighs 5.6 pounds. The manufacturer recommends this model for children ages 12 years and above.

These are definitely not for children only and as a matter of fact these can be a start of a collecting hobby which will beautifully fill your house in the future so go ahead and grab your first submarine model item!

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