Russian Akula Submarine Model

The Russian Akula submarine has been at the forefront of Russia’s naval capabilities since 1986, when it was first deployed. There are currently eight in service, with another one currently being prepared to be sold to the Indian Navy. There were three different classes of the submarine – built between 1982 and 1991 – all of which showed significant modifications whilst also retaining the potency and effectiveness of the original design. It carries a full arsenal of torpedoes and surface-to-air missiles, as well as being nuclear powered. It is thought that these submarines are soon to be replaced, with the Graney class submarine currently being under development.

Fans of naval military models are now able to purchase the Russian Akula submarine, so that they can build a scale replica at their leisure. With the important role that it is played in post-Cold War relations with the world, this model is a must for any enthusiast.

Dumas are one of the main creators of models in the world and their version of the Akula is one of the best out there. The completed model has a fully functioning motor and can be used in water as a toy or to show off to other enthusiasts! It is 33 inches long, making it very large for a model kit, and is also made from wood instead of the usual plastic pieces. Any person who buys this will be delighted by it!

There are also other models available to buy on a smaller scale and with a lower price tag. Various companies make traditional model kits, where the end product is a plastic replica, usually in about 1/700 scale. These are far easier to build than the Dumas model, although not all of them have the ability to work underwater! They will also require a lot of painting, which is often the reason why many collectors love them so much!

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