Russian K-19 Submarine Model

The K-19 was one of the first Soviet submarine to have a nuclear ballistic missile in its weapon arsenal. This famous weapon of the Soviet Navy was launched on October 11, 1959 and it carried the R-13 nuclear ballistic missile. The R-13 is the code given to a submarine-launched ballistic missile. At the peak of the Cold War era, the US had painstakingly gathered intelligence on the location of every nuclear site in operation by the Soviet army. After learning that a nuclear missile has been placed in a very powerful submarine of the Soviet navy the United States army was very much . A wave of fear swept through the rest of the civilized world after the information was disclosed.

Zvezda, the largest maker of models and table top games in Russia, has made one of the most accurate models of the Soviet K-19 submarine. The model that they made has a plastic mold that captured the detailed features of the great Russian submarine. The K-19 became famous recently when Hollywood made a movie about it, starring Harrison Ford and Liam Neeson. The movie titled “The Widowmaker,” another name used for the K-19 submarine, because of the many deaths attributed to the construction of the submarine that made many Russian wives a widow. The movie’s story revolved around the first combat patrol mission of the submarine and wherein an incident occurred concerning a leak on one of the submarine’s reactors and endangered the lives of the crew of the K-19. The event took place in July 4, 1961, in the waters of the North Atlantic.

The model scale is 1:350 with a total length of 12.8 inches when completely assembled. The model comes with two display stands for elegant appearance where ever you want it displayed. The package requires an additional glue for assembly, and paint to provide color in the body.

Having the Zvezda Russian K-19 Submarine model in your collection is something any enthusiast will be proud of. The well deserved reputation that it carries as a world changing / game changing submarine is a very colorful topic for discussion between friends, acquaintances, and other hobbyists alike.

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