Russian SSNG Kursk Submarine Model

The Russian SSNG Kursk submarine was named after a city in Russia were many fierce battles took place during the first world war. The Kursk submarine is one of the many masterpieces of engineering in the Russian navy because it is one of the biggest attack submarines in its class having a length of 154 meters. The Kursk submarine is a nuclear powered attack submarine and is classified as an Oscar II class (a NATO reporting name). This submarine was launched in 1994 and was commissioned on December of that year in Russia. The special characteristic of this submarine is a thick outer hull, made of 8.5 millimeter stainless steel, which has a high nickel and chrome component. Having a high nickel and chrome component in the hull provides a weaker magnetic signature thereby making it hard to detect through MAD (Magnetic Anomaly Detection) systems.

The people at Tamiya, a Japanese company famous for making models of cars and boats, have made a well crafted model of the Russian Kursk submarine. Since the founding of this great company by Yoshio Tamiya in 1946, they have made thousands of amazing models and toys, that are constructed out of wood, plastic, and metal. The people at Tamiya made the Kursk submarine model as simple as possible so that even a beginner in toy models will have an easy time assembling it. Even though the design is straightforward and simple it still emphasized on details that made the toy model closely resemble the actual design of the submarine.

The scale of the model made by Tamiya is 1:700, with a dimension of 11.4 inches by 4.3 inches by 1.2 inches. The model size is perfect for beginning collectors since assembling the toy model can be done with ease. The Kursk submarine model is made of durable plastic which is highly resilient, and will surely last long if it is well taken cared of.

If you are an experienced model collector or a beginning hobbyist, the Russian SSNG Kursk Submarine is an ideal model to collect. If you are new to model ships and subs, the Kursk sub is a great choice to start your career as a model hobbyist since it only requires a skill level of 2.

For experienced hobbyists, acquiring this model for your collection is a must have because of the submarine’s importance in Naval history. It will also provide you with a finely crafted model to show off to your friends and acquaintances.

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Mark Korda March 26, 2013 at 4:41 am

I had the Tamiya Kursk model kit package on top of my computer for two years. It was such a simple model. It is not! I’m 56 and built a lot of models,but how,with my shakey hands could I align those 6 little snorkle things on top of that little leviathan. It took me 2 years to figure it out. The 2 pieces that you glue together to make the top of the sub to put the perascopes and such,the bridge? Well when that was glued together and dried,I used push pins to make the holes open up. Inside the bridge I stuffed it with a little modeling clay. I could get the 6 or so little pieces all in a row just how I liked them,then used Testors clear dry glue used for plane canopys to hold them inplace before painting. It worked,I did not get frustrated and blow my model up with my nephews firecrackers. I would like to submit a picture in 2 days….Mark.

admin July 31, 2014 at 9:54 am

Hi Mark,
First of all, sorry for the very late response. That’s a story full of dedication and commitment! Did you ever sent those pictures?
Kind regards,


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