Russian Typhoon Submarine Model

In order to create supremacy over the open sea, the great USSR created the Typhoon class submarine. This ballistic missile nuclear powered submarine or the SSBN is the largest submarine ever built. These gigantic submarines have multi hull designs. The structural design of this vessel is covered with very special tiles making it absorb sound waves. This feature makes it stealth underwater for it is very difficult to be detected by hydrophones. The design of this submarine was made specially for travelling, and surfacing under thick ice. The submarine also features a modern stern fin and a horizontal hydroplane after the screw of the vessel.

The Typhoon-class submarines can dive at a maximum depth of 400 meters, and can travel as fast as 25 knots when submerged. This submarine is equipped with 20 RSM-52 intercontinental, 3-stage solid propellant ballistic missile. One missile has 10 independently targetable multiple re-entry vehicles or MIRV, each with a 100 kilo tons nuclear warhead. This very feared weapon has a range of about 8,300 kilometers with an accuracy of 500 meters radius. This missiles have the NATO designation as the SSN20. This Typhoon-class has four 630 millimeter torpedoes, and two 530 millimeter torpedoes. The submarine carries as total of 22 torpedoes of different types. The torpedo tubes of this submarine can also be used to deploy sea mines. The Cyber Hobby, makers of aircraft and ship models, have created a beautiful package that is every collector’s dream, a model of the Russian Typhoon class, together with the model of the USS Cole Destroyer, all in one package. This boat was the one that was attacked by the Al Qaeda while docking in a port. This package from the Orange Box series of Cyber Hobby can let any collector recreate the very historical Cold War scenario.

The model packages are engineered for the modeling enjoyment of every collector enthusiast. The plastic parts that are included has enhanced details of the boat and the submarine, and are ready for assembly. Additional glue and paint are needed for the completion of the model. The model scale is 1:700, and has a dimension of 6 inches by 2 inches by 3 inches, and weighs 10.4 ounce. Get this and start your very own treasure trove of submarine models, not only will this be a great hobby, it will also bring you a sense of pride collecting historical submarine models.

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