Submarine Fleet Missile

At the start of the Cold War of the Soviet Union and the United States of America, both parties were building their weapon arsenals both for land and for sea. Ballistic missile submarines were constructed by both nations to gain supremacy in the open sea. At the whole duration of the Cold War, the Soviet lost four of their submarines, namely, the K-129, K-219, K-8, and the Komsomolets. The United States on the other hand lost only two of their submarine, USS Scorpion and Thresher. The mission of this ballistic missile submarine precision and stealth deployment of nuclear warheads. This submarines gave every nation the advantage of attacking from a safe distance, their sea or land targets, using their missiles that can travel at a very long range. The weapons that these submarines can deploy ranges from cluster bombs to nuclear weapons.

There are a number of types of missiles that these submarines are capable of firing. One of them is the Polaris missile. It is a two-stage solid fuel nuclear armed ballistic missile which was a contribution of the US Navy as a nuclear deterrent. Another type of ballistic missile is the Poseidon. It is an advanced form of the Polaris missile with improved accuracy. Another type of a submarine launched ballistic missile is the Trident. It has improved range and accuracy compared to the two previous missiles. Toys and Models have created a beautifully clustered model of all of this ballistic missiles in a single display stand. The model includes A-1 Polaris, D5 Trident II, A-2 Polaris, C4 Trident I, A-3 Polaris, C3 Poseidon,all mounted in an elegant display stand.

The Ballistic missile model has a 1:100 scale, has a height of 7 inches and length of 7.5 inches. The model is handcrafted and hand painted. It is made with mahogany wood. Relieve the nostalgic era of the Cold War with this elegantly crafted ballistic missile model from Toys and Models.

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