Tamiya I 400 Japanese Submarine Model

The Sen Toku I 400 class submarines were the largest submarines and the pride of the Imperial Japanes Navy during the WWII. Japan was planning to expand their fleet with 18 of these I 400 submarines but produced only three in a year. They were named the I 400, I 401 and I 402. With four engines and 400 feet of length these monsters of the sea were real killing machines. The Sen Toku I 400 Class had one other special feature above other “normal” submarines. It could carry three Aichi M6a Seiran aircraft which it could launch in the air with a catapult. The Tamiya I 400 haves a 1:350 scale and is very detailed. Because of small parts it is not for children under 3 years. This model uses paint, glue and modeling tools.

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