Toys and Models Submarine Models

Modelworks submarine models from Toys and Models Corporation. They were founded in 982 by Mr. Halvorsen, he was collectible designer and much important a professional model maker. You can see all the years of experience and perfectionism from Mr. Halvorsen back in the end products from Toys and Models, very high quality that will satisfy customers high expectations. The model makers from Toys and Models combine nowadays technology with the finest materials. The submarine models from Toys and Models come in different scales, from 1:25 to 1:350. The detail and workmanship on the submarines are incredible definitely a good buy for someone who loves to collect the finest of the finest. The mahogany stand gives the submarine model the rich look it deserves. We have 6 different models for you available as you can see in the widget above. The Virginia Class, Los Angeles Class, Gato Submarine, Ohio Class, Seawolf Class and the trident class. The Virginia Class and the Gato Submarine do we have in two scales.

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