Trafalgar Class Submarine Model

The Trafalgar Class submarine was at one point the most potent weapon in the British Navy’s arsenal. It had nuclear capabilities and was estimated to have cost nearly £200 million to build. It was deployed in many areas, including to the Falkland Islands during the war between Britain and Argentina. Those that are fans of military models can now buy this kit from many retailers so as to recreate the glory of this now decommissioned nuclear powerhouse.

There is only one kit really available that is of good quality, and that is the Airfix A03260 1/350 scale model. This kit combines great build quality with a difficulty that will challenge the beginner but also keep the more experienced modeler busy. The difficulty rating of 3 (with 25 being the highest) really does underestimate the technical aspect of this piece of kit, so be sure to have plenty of time on your hands should you wish to complete it well!

The kit is made from plastic and contains 41 parts – not too many but enough to enable the model to be very detailed. It will require painting but no special items will need to be bought for this as normal Airfix paint will suffice. The painting will be absolutely the most important part in the building of this submarine, as this will provide the detail and turn it in to an authentic Trafalgar Class submarine.

The scale of this model should also be noted, as at 1/350 scale it is on the larger side when compared to other kits. This is both a blessing and a curse, as the size will provide a great spectacle when built, but also ensures that a lot more care must be taken when building as the small details will show up more.

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