U.S.S. Maryland (SSBN-738) + U.S.S. Chicago (SSN-721) Submarine Models

This great model kit from Cyber Hobby comes with not one, but two fantastic submarines for the enthusiast to build and learn about. As with all of the products manufactured by this excellent company, anyone buying it can expect high quality along with great realism.

The USS Maryland is an Ohio class submarine with nuclear capabilities, making it a vital tool in the defense of the nation, as well as a great option should the US Navy ever become embroiled in a situation requiring nuclear intervention. It was commissioned in 1992, making it a relatively new model and has seen service throughout the world.

The USS Chicago, however, is a Los Angeles class submarine, meaning it is smaller and stealthier. Although it is not equipped with a nuclear deterrent, it still boasts an impressive arsenal of weapons, including multiple torpedoes. It is nuclear powered enabling fast speeds and, like the USS Maryland, has seen service in all corners of the globe.

The models themselves are truly of excellent quality and provide all the parts needed to build these replicas. The only things that the buyer will need are some glue and paints. They are both to 1/350th scale, meaning they are of average size for a model submarine kit. They come complete with cartograf decals to finish off the model to a high standard, as well as two display stands so the modeler fine work can be shown off to all those that visit.

This model kit really is one of a kind and is the only one that is widely available to include both of these majestic craft. By buying them together the customer can be assured that they fill look perfect in each other’s company, as well as know they are getting them for a great price.

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