USS Balao SS-285 Submarine Model

The USS Balao SS285 was the lead Balao-class submarine of the US Navy during the 2nd world war. This submarine was launched last October 27, 1942. It was commanded by Lt. Commander Richard H. Crane and was under the United States Pacific Fleet. There were 122 other submarines that belong to the Balao class. This class was a much more improved class of submarines compared to the earlier Gato-class. The Balao-class became famous as part of the submarine group that sunk one of the biggest ships in Naval history, the Japanese Aircraft Carrier “Shinano,” which weighed approximately 59,000 tons.

One of the very important improvements that was done to the Balao class was the use of a higher yield strength steel in the submarine body, which made these improved submarine able to dive at a much greater depth. This submarine class is powered by diesel and electric engines. Engines of the Balao-class were made by two reputable engine manufacturers in the United States, the Fairbanks-Morse which supplied the opposed piston engines, and the General Motors Electro-Motive Diesel Engines which supplied the V16 engines of the submarines. The earlier submarine class had a very noisy engine which made them very easy to detect using hydrophones. The newer Balao-class had low speed double armature motors, which are connected to the shaft directly, resulting into a quieter engine design.

Hobby Boss, makers of quality toy models, have made a well crafted submarine model of the USS Balao SS285. This company is based in China and has been making model toys for almost several years already.

The dimension of the submarine model is 12 inches by 6 inches by 2 inches, and has a scale of 1:700. The total shipping weight of the model package is about 12 ounces. The model package includes a complete recessed panel lines, a display stand, decals, and an instruction manual for ease in assembling of your model submarine.

The USS Balao is a wonderful addition for any model aficionado. It carries a historical significance in naval warfare as one of the submarines deployed against the Shinano aircraft carrier of the Japanese navy during World War II and will be a great centerpiece for discussions regarding that event in history.

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