USS Bluefish SS 222 Submarine Model

This is one of the submarine of the US Navy to be named the bluefish. One was the Bluefish SS-222, and the other was the Bluefish SSN-675. This submarine class is one of the Gator class of the US Navy. The USS Bluefish was launched in the American seas on February 21, 1843. The person in-charge of this submarine was Commander George E. Porter. This great submarine of the US Navy has sunk many Japanese ships during her time.

Dumas made a very nice model of the USS Bluefish submarine, but the special thing about their product is they made it as a cool remote controlled model/ toy submarine. The submarine model has an electric engine were it can actually run underwater. In assembling the model, you must purchase duco cement, for efficient adhering of plastic to plasticyrene. Silicone is also needed to seal all reams to prevent water seepage in your submarine model. Any gasket type silicone will be sufficient in sealing the reams of your model, but its better to make sure that it is non-corrosive.

The model is 33 inch by 4 inch by 3.5 inch in dimension. The model package includes ABS plastic parts, a drive line hard ware kit, and an instruction manual were a step by step procedures are shown on how to assemble the model. Also included in the model package are the 4.8 volts electric motor, one set of blue print plan of the submarine, a vacuum hull for the deck and motor, a vacuum formed sail with a 1:96 scale, a stiff paper pattern, a 0.02 inch clear plastic for the rudder and the dive planes, and a decal set.

The USS Bluefish submarine is a classic naval wartime piece that any hobbyist and enthusiast will love. It has a colorful history in the realms of historical naval battles that a historian will appreciate and kids and remote control aficionados will love it too since it is a functional remote controlled submarine.

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