USS Jimmy Carter SSN23 Submarine Model

The Sea wolf class submarines, where the USS Jimmy Carter SSN23 belongs, are the larger submarines of the US Navy.This submarine class are much more quieter undersea, and carries much more weapons compared to the other submarine class of the US Navy. This submarine class carries 8 torpedoes, compared to a lesser number in other submarine classes. Although the SSN23 is superior to other submarine classes in most features, it also has its downside. The construction of this submarine class is much more expensive compared to the other classes which limited the number of submarines produced in this class. This submarine class was made to match the Russian submarines equipped with nuclear ballistic missiles.

The Sea wolf submarine class, like the USS Jimmy Carter, was constructed using high grade HY-100 steel, not like the other submarine class were the inferior HY-80 steel was used. The HY-100 type of steel was perfect for the Sea wolf class submarine in withstanding great pressures of the deeper waters. This was the first submarine class that is nuclear powered, this made them capable of staying underwater for a long time before their next refueling. Another unique feature of this submarine class is its floodable silo, wherein the submarine is capable of deploying eight combat swimmers including their equipment in a suitable depth for the soldiers to survive.

Hobby Boss, makers of well crafted ship models, created a detailed model of the USS Jimmy Carter SSN233 submarine. This company have been making quality toy models for several years already. The model made by Hobby Boss has a 1:700 scale to the original submarine. This assembly is intended for the beginner level for collectors. The total weight of the model package is around 2.2 kilos. Try to search all the available internet sites that offer this special submarine model in order to avail of their latest discounted prices and their promos on delivery charges.

The USS Jimmy Carter is the progenitor of the hi-tech modern ballistic submarines and they were the top of the line, state of the art vehicles in their time. Any naval enthusiast and model hobbyist would enjoy having one of this models in their collection so you should get one too!

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