USS SSN-21 Seawolf Submarine Model

The USS SSN-21 Seawolf Submarine is a modern day submarine that it currently used by the US Navy as their main underwater mode of both attack and defense. It was launched in 1997 and has the capacity to carry multiple torpedoes on board. Based in Naval Base Kitsap in Washington, it has seen much service in its life. This includes deployments to the Gulf as well as missions around various other parts of the world. Now fans of this iconic and modern submarine can buy a range of different kits with which they can recreate the machine on a much smaller scale!

One of the most popular models is the one made by Bronco – a long established and highly rated company. The kit is to 1/350 scale and comes in many different pieces, with the added bonus of the inclusion of a classy display stand for the finished model. It also includes great Cartograf waterslide decals, to add to the highly detailed finish. As with most submarine models, painting is kept to minimum due to the predominantly gray color of the real life replica.

For those that love the look of this submarine but are not keen on the idea of building one for themselves, there is always the option of buying a readily completed model. The model of the Seawolf comes attached to a high quality wooden base, complete with two bronze holders to keep it sturdy. Although the price is higher than the kit above, the finish is superb and would gracefully adorn any fanatic’s shelf.

There are various other models that can be bought of this sub – including a 1/750 scale one made by Hobby Boss – but the two described above are most certainly the best that money can buy. The real life machine truly is a sight to behold, and a replica will please any avid fan.

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