Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea Mini Flying Sub

One of the most famous science fiction television series in America was Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea. This television series became popular during the 1960’s. The main theme of the program was the underwater adventure of its lead stars. The show broadcasted in ABC network from September 14, 1964 up to March 31, 1968. The show was created by Irwin Allen, and starred by David Hedison and Richard Baseheart. This was the decades longest running American television series.

The T.V. program featured a fictional concept of a Mini-Flying Submarine which were used in most of the adventures of the lead stars in the said program. It was a nuclear submarine called the USOS Seaview. In the television program, the Seaview submarine was intended for marine research that visits the very exotic places of the deep ocean, but it has secret mission, and that is to defend the planet from anybody, including extraterrestrial threats. Moebius Models, makers of horror models and classic science fiction kits, have created a model of one of the most famous sci-fi submarine, the USOS Seaview. This company was founded by Frank Winspur, and was founded last 2005.

This product has a dimension of 10 inches by 6 inches by 2 inches, and weighs only 14.4 ounce. The total package weight is about 2 pounds, and is available for shipping in selected areas outside the United States. The manufacturer recommended that those who are 5 years old and above only should be the ones who should handle these kinds of toys because of the possibilities of choking hazards especially since there are small parts in this model. The model package includes the Seaview mini flying submarine, a diecast interior artwork and a diving bell, a display stand for the submarine, and an instructional guide. This submarine model will be a valued piece in your collection especially since you can have a hand not only in the assembly but also in painting your model submarine.

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